Measuring Success: Golf Fitness

How do you measure success when you focus on golf fitness and health? How will you know the contribution that focusing on golf fitness and health will make to your game? Here are six measures that could be used as key indicators, 3 physical and 3 golf measures:

Golf Fitness Physical Self Indicators: a) Weight; b) Body fat percentage; c) Body Mass Index (BMI) which measures your weight in relation to your height and tells you if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese.

Golf Fitness Golf Measures: a) Handicap; b) Distance and c ) Accuracy (e.g. number of greens hit in regulation).

At the start of August 2014, before any focus on golf fitness, here were my starting points:

Physical self:

  • Weight = 202lbs (92kgs)
  • Body fat percentage = 33%
  • BMI = 25.9 (classified as overweight)

Golf Measures:

  • Handicap: I will measure my relative improvement to my handicap at the start of August 2014. We will call this index 100. My handicap has been roughly the same for the last 5 years.
  • Distance: here are the current distances for some of my clubs: PW = 115yds (105 meters), 6 iron = 164yds (150 meters), 4 iron=200yds (181 meters), 5 wood = 210yds (192 meters), Driver=250yds (230 meters)
  • Accuracy: I will start to keep account of number of greens in regulation from now going forward.


I will monitor these 6 indicators over the coming months to see the impact that focusing on golf health and fitness has on my game and physical self.

If you have any alternative measures that you think should be used please comment below so we can share the best ideas with other users.


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