Golf Fitness: Building A Budget Home Gym

Here we outline a budget home gym that can be put together with ease and at low cost. No need to make long commitments and have to drive to the gym to improve your golf fitness. Keep the cost low. Here we outline an option for equipment that will total cost just over $100.

Before we do that, please have a look at this unusual warm up routine done by Carly Booth, professional on the Womens European Tour...Link

Now, back to the budget home gym....including some equipment that is ideal to pack in your suitcase whenever you travel:

  • Resistance Bands: ideal for many stretching and strength fitness exercises and used in many of the golf training exercises by both professionals and amateurs


    • Stability Ball: used in a number of balance and flexibility exercises. See how Adam Scott uses the Stability Ball with a dumbbell in this exercise at 2min 25secs to improve his rotation and strength (Link).

    • Dumbell Set: can be used for both strength training and exercises to increase flexibility.

  • Exercise Mat: roll up mat that helps in balance and strength training.


GolfGym also offer home gym products (Link) as does JoeyD, trainer to Ricky Fowler and other pros (Link)



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