Golf Fitness Assessments – What is your golf fitness handicap?

Looking to improve your golf fitness this winter? First step could be to assess your current fitness level. Here are three golf fitness assessments to find out where you are? Link

Golf Fitness for 2015

Want to get in great shape for the 2015? To give yourself the best chance of success on the course, fitness is key. With the turn of the new year it can be the ideal time to look at your golf fitness and see what can be improved! No pain, no gain! Here you can see how 7 of the worlds top 10 golfers approach fitness to secure a world class performance:

  • Rory McIlroy (World Ranking 1) shows some of his exercise routine - Link
  • Henrik Stenson (Ranking 2) gives you an insight in to one of his gym session -  Link
  • Adam Scott (Ranking 3) at the Titliest Performance Institute with his coach - Link
  • Bubba Watson (Ranking 4) talks through his views on golf fitness - Link
  • Justin Rose (Ranking 6) reveals the importance of fitness and gym sessions (video and interview) - Link
  • Jim Furyk (Ranking 7) gives a rare insight to his pre-round warm up - Link
  • Ricky Fowler (Ranking 10) pre-round golf fitness warm up - Link

Get further insight in to the warm up and fitness regimes of leading professionals at Link

Best wishes for 2015 from GoGolfFitness.com!!

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New Years Resolutions – Golf Fitness

Has the Christmas eating and drinking added a bit more weight that you would like? To shift the fat, get fit and play better golf it could be worth trying to follow Sportskool videos where Mark Verstegen, fitness coach and author of Core Performance Golf, takes golf professional Chez Reavie through the paces. Get an insight to the Core Performance Golf program.

If you are making a Golf Fitness New Years Resolution to get in better shape and improve your scores on the golf course this could be for you:

Series of 3 videos - Link 1 of 3, Link 2 of 3, Link 3 of 3.

Order and read the book -

Kettlebell Training for Golf Fitness

I recently bought a kettlebell that turns out to be an effective and inexpensive tool to improve golf fitness. Simple and easy to handle a kettlebell can be used for a variety of stretching and strength training exercises to improve your fitness. Here are the top instruction videos I have used for inspiration:

  • Kettlebell rotary training for your golf swing: link 
  • Kettlebell full body workout: link
  • 7 Key Kettlebell Exercises: link 

Golf Fitness: Building A Budget Home Gym

Here we outline a budget home gym that can be put together with ease and at low cost. No need to make long commitments and have to drive to the gym to improve your golf fitness. Keep the cost low. Here we outline an option for equipment that will total cost just over $100.

Before we do that, please have a look at this unusual warm up routine done by Carly Booth, professional on the Womens European Tour...Link

Now, back to the budget home gym....including some equipment that is ideal to pack in your suitcase whenever you travel:

  • Resistance Bands: ideal for many stretching and strength fitness exercises and used in many of the golf training exercises by both professionals and amateurs


    • Stability Ball: used in a number of balance and flexibility exercises. See how Adam Scott uses the Stability Ball with a dumbbell in this exercise at 2min 25secs to improve his rotation and strength (Link).

    • Dumbell Set: can be used for both strength training and exercises to increase flexibility.

  • Exercise Mat: roll up mat that helps in balance and strength training.


GolfGym also offer home gym products (Link) as does JoeyD, trainer to Ricky Fowler and other pros (Link)



1st Tee: Golf Fitness

This is the first entry on GoGolfFitness.com, a site bringing together key information on golf fitness and health.

Does a focus on golf fitness and health have the potential to significantly improve how you play? We explore and bring to the fore the latest information on golf fitness.

I have played from the same handicap for many years. I have invested in clubs and lessons, not heavily but probably around the level of the average golfer, but have not seen any real improvement in my handicap. While investing in equipment and practice my 'golf fitness' has not been in focus.  Understatement, it has been completely neglected.

As I write this I am 45 years old, 6'2" tall (188cms), weigh 202lbs (92kgs) and have a body fat level of 33%. Last time my doctor weighed me and calculated my BMI she said I was considered obese. Let's say my fitness level could be described as low, playing golf and once a year going to the gym or taking a few short runs. Most time spent at work, on the computer, with the family and eating great food!

As Albert Einstein's said the definition of insanity  is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".  So instead of doing the same thing over and over (lessons, practice, new equipment) I am going to explore something different - golf fitness. I aim to look at how those professionals who are most dedicated to fitness train. I will explore the tips and advice of the leading golf fitness coaches as well as evaluate the different publications and training aids available. Do they positively impact our performance on the course? Let's see. Let's see if my research in to golf fitness will bring an improvement in my performance on the course.