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Golf Fitness Books

Looking for the leading golf fitness books? Here is a list of five golf fitness books, four on physical fitness and one on mental fitness (Your 15th Club by Dr Bob Rotella).

  1. Core Performance Golf by Mark Varstegen, forward by Tom Lehman
  2. Golf Anatomy by Craig Davies
  3. Golf Fitness Training, Core to Score by Christian Henning
  4. Golf Rx: A 15 Minute a Day Core Program for More Yards and Less Pain by Vijay Vad and Dave Allen
  5. Your 15th Club by Dr Bob Rotella

Whether buying these golf fitness books for a present or for yourself the buying is the easy part. For the best chance to increase your fitness then there is no substitute to hard work and application. These golf fitness books include methods to assess your current golf fitness, monitor your development as well as a range of exercises you can follow to improve your golf fitness. Many of the exercises can be done at home. One book here is on the mental fitness that you need to be a great golfer - Your 15th Club by Dr Bob Rotella who has coached many leading professionals including Rory McIlroy, Padraig Harrington and Darren Clarke.

Further list of golf fitness books available at link

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Golf Fitness Assessments – What is your golf fitness handicap?

Looking to improve your golf fitness this winter? First step could be to assess your current fitness level. Here are three golf fitness assessments to find out where you are? Link