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Physical Fitness Screening

How flexible and agile are you? Do you have limitations in your upper or lower body that impact your swing and your ability to play better golf? Here is an excellent video that gives a great insight in to the physical assessment screening done at the Titliest Performance Institute. Here you can see Andy from MeandMyGolf go through the assessment with co-founder of the Titliest Performance Institute Dave Phillips. Three part series that can enable to do an effective physical self-assessment screening.

Broken in to three parts, the first part shows the simple assessment techniques which are used. This can enable you to do an effective physical self-assessment screening in your own home. Part one also defines expected flexibility in both the upper and lower body. The second part shows Andy on the range and the impact on his swing of his flexibility. Part 3 then shows some very good exercises that can be used to improve flexibility.

This is a down-to-earth practical approach that is both simple and easy to understand. Parts 1 and 2 are excellent if you want to assess your physical limitations and learn some exercises to improve flexibility.


MeandMyGolf at the Titliest Performance Institute, Part 1

MeandMyGolf at the Titliest Performance Institute, Part 2

MeandMyGolf at the Titliest Performance Institute, Part 3

Titliest Performance Institute where you can find your nearest TPI qualified instructor

MeandMyGolf Website

Dave Phillips MyTPI Twitter Account


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Golf Fitness for 2015

Want to get in great shape for the 2015? To give yourself the best chance of success on the course, fitness is key. With the turn of the new year it can be the ideal time to look at your golf fitness and see what can be improved! No pain, no gain! Here you can see how 7 of the worlds top 10 golfers approach fitness to secure a world class performance:

  • Rory McIlroy (World Ranking 1) shows some of his exercise routine - Link
  • Henrik Stenson (Ranking 2) gives you an insight in to one of his gym session -  Link
  • Adam Scott (Ranking 3) at the Titliest Performance Institute with his coach - Link
  • Bubba Watson (Ranking 4) talks through his views on golf fitness - Link
  • Justin Rose (Ranking 6) reveals the importance of fitness and gym sessions (video and interview) - Link
  • Jim Furyk (Ranking 7) gives a rare insight to his pre-round warm up - Link
  • Ricky Fowler (Ranking 10) pre-round golf fitness warm up - Link

Get further insight in to the warm up and fitness regimes of leading professionals at Link

Best wishes for 2015 from!!

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